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Mohr is located in Brighton Michigan with access to all major highways – I-96, US-23,
I-75 & I-94.

injection molding plastics, insert molding

About Us...

MOHR Engineering has a long history of providing injection molding to our satisfied customers. Our management team has an average seniority of 17 years, and has basically been in place since the company was founded. Further evidence to our commitment to quality injection molding, our hourly workers have an extremely low turnover rate. Employees take pride in there work and are encouraged to provide feedback and continuous improvement ideas. 

MOHR Engineering has always been conscious of the environment. This shows in the initial construction of our building. With the floor being below grade by 6 feet, we utilize “mother nature’s insulation” to keep the building cool in the summer and warm in winter. Additionally, Mohr has installed high efficient radiant heating in the manufacturing areas and the latest in extremely efficient forced air furnace for heating the front offices. Our recent addition of high intensity fluorescent lighting provides the best possible lighting for our manufacturing floor as well as reducing the amount of electricity used in our facility. This forward thinking allows us to lower our fixed, non manufacturing costs, to further insure our injection molded parts are extremely competitive in the marketplace.

Noteworthy Facts

  • qEstablished in 1988 as a Minority Supplier of Injection Molded Plastics.
  • qSince grown to become a supplier of both metal and plastic assemblies.
  • qIn 2004, MOHR was named as a Growth Supplier and assigned a Champion. 
  • qMohr Engineering was green before green was cool.  When the building was first built in 1988, the floor was six feet under grade, utilizing "mother nature's insulation".
  • qOur plant utilizes high intensity fluorescent lighting for greater energy efficiency and lower costs for our customers.

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