injection molding, injection moulding

Press Tonnage:
n(1) 35 Ton Van Dorn

n(2) 85 Ton Van Dorns

n(1) 150 Ton Van Dorn Shuttle Press
n(1) 170 Ton Van Dorn
n(2) 300 Ton Van Dorns
n(2) 500 Ton Van Dorns

injection molding, injection mold



MOHR Engineering provides injection molding capabilities that include horizontal and vertical (shuttle) presses. In addition, we offer assembly of stampings, screw machining, tubes, springs and foam. We currently provide our customers with insert molding of in-lays and threaded and non-threaded inserts in a variety of materials.

Mohr Engineering offers capabilities to service the following products/markets-


    -          Injection molded interior products, “A” surface inlays, Bezels, HVAC Kinematics, Sill plates
    Injection Molding of exterior products: Fascia and BCM brackets, Fuel Pockets and license plate brackets.
    Injection molded under-hood parts: Battery trays, clips and module housings. 



-          Injection molded dunnage
Injection molded paint plaques
-          Injection molded and assembled Government/Defense applications.
-          Injection moldings and assemblies for alternative energy components.
-          Injection molded sporting goods products.
-          Injection molded firearms components and accessories.
-          Assembled and Injection molded medical products.
-          Injection molding for electronics components.
-          Injection molded parts for agriculture


-          Assembled and injection molded fishing lures.
-          Injection molded bean sprouters
-          Injection molded kitchen utensils
-          Assemblies and Injection moldings for the beauty supply industry.